First meeting of Momentum in Poole since Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘second coming’

Momentum – Poole established its presence in Poole and for that matter, in Dorset last night

It recognised that there is an urgent and profound need, not only in Poole but across the whole of Dorset, for Labour representation of the vulnerable and working class. To build a vibrant economy in communities that have seen a continual decline in affordable homes, jobs, opportunities, education, health, core services and infrastructure of the town and County, under years of Tory control of its Councils and lack of credible representation in Westminster

Labour representation in Poole and Dorset would not only serve those mentioned above but would also appeal to the Tory voter who is fed up with seeing their core services being cut and their council tax increasing, they too recognise that austerity leads to decline and inevitable huge costs in rebuilding infrastructure which has declined due to lack of maintenance and investment. They too want free quality education and Health Service. Tory voters are realising now that these austerity cuts are just badly disguised income tax hikes

At the first meeting since Jeremy Corbyn was announced as the now undisputed leader of the Labour Party, it soon became very clear, that there was a huge desire and enthusiasm to build on the ‘momentum’ already established during the leadership election

What better banner to carry this out under than ‘No one and no community left behind’

Members that we had not previously seen attended the meeting and registered their desire to take an active role in the group’s structure and management

Momentum – Poole discussed and established many ideals and local policies. Although mindful of national politics we decided overwhelmingly to concentrate primarily on establishing local values and policies to drive the local Labour Party to victory in the Local Elections in 2019

It is essential that we build those policies within the framework of Jeremy Corbyn’s 10 pledges to ‘rebuild and transform’ Britain, a programme for Britain’s future, based on a huge public investment programme and a commitment to equality

Whilst mindful that there could be a snap General Election at any time now, those values and policies would be integral in building a credible campaign to win a General Election anytime here in Poole

The Next meeting of Momentum – Poole will take place on Tuesday 4th October at:

The Brit

20 Britannia Rd

Poole BH14 8BB

Please click HERE to RSVP

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